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I love this penis pump for many reasons. Suction is great. SUPER EASY to operate and clean. Size of cylinder is perfect. There is grip on the tube so it’s not slippery with lube. It’s rechargeable. I had one that was battery operated and it kept flaking out. They also provide you with an extra silicone base that is detachable. My favorite thing is that once it’s pumped it’s hands free. I hate having to keep pumping with one hand and hold it with another. It’s excellent. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

Hawt chocolat

Great product, I had one before, not only it was way too short, after about six months, it couldn’t hold charges anymore; I had to trash it. I ordered this pump, this time, I made sure hand free means, not compromising length. I have been using this penis pump for almost a year, it’s still working as new. I am glad I picked it. The only minor issue that I would change is the noise sound, but it is not a big deal. I would definitely order this pump again. I like the fact you can set it up to different pressure points. Great pump!

Dana sharkey

Penis Pump | Penis Enlargement Pump | Best Dick & Cock Pump In 2023

Maybe your penis size is too small. Or your penis doesn’t have enough power. In short, you don’t have a satisfying sex life because of your penis. Actually, don’t be sad. If your penis size is too small, you can increase your penis size by a few inches. If you have erectile dysfunction (ED), try a penis pump. Also known as a dick pump. Penis enlargement pumps or vacuum erection devices.

This is one of the non-drug treatments for penis training. This is a new adventure. Change your sex life with our penis pump.Skin-friendly and harmless, it brings you a very perfect sexual experience.

  • A penis pump is a vacuum device. Physically, the penis hardens and remains hard, culminating in penetrative sex. It is also known as a cock pump, a dick pump, a vacuum erection device (VED), or a penis enlargement pump.
  • The device usually consists of three parts: a penis tube, a seal at the base of the penis, and an electric or manual vacuum pump.
  • Because it is a sex toy that touches the dick directly. Therefore, its materials are all high-end high-quality materials. Insert the dick into the vacuum bottle while using the device. Then you get into the masturbation position. put pressure on the penis pump. Under pressure, blood flow to the penis is accelerated. Then, the penis begins to be erect. If you have erectile dysfunction, then you may need a penis pump.
  • Buy a suitable penis pump at a sex toy store. These Dick pumps are made of high-grade medical materials. However, they can also cause harm if you use them incorrectly. So if you try one, always pay attention to how your penis feels. Discontinue use if pain or discomfort occurs. It is best to use a cock pump with a pressure gauge so you can check the pressure. At the same time, keep the pressure at a safe level. If you don’t know anything about penis pump use, the following steps can help you use a penis pump properly.
  • Step 1: Apply lubricant. Apply some lube to the base of your penis. This creates a seal between your skin and the pump. Of course, there are also experts who recommend shaving the pubic hair in this area, which will make it more sealed.
  • Step 2: Install the device. Every penis pump is different. Therefore, carefully place the suction device on the penis slowly and carefully, following the directions on the package.
  • Step 3: Start pumping. As mentioned earlier, there are two main types of penis pumps. The usage is basically the same. Just the electric penis pump does all the work automatically. Whereas a manual penis pump requires manual pressure control. But slowly increase the pressure. Then make sure the penis pump keeps the penis comfortable. Depending on the device, pressure delivery can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. If there is any pain, release the pressure.
  • Step 4: Delete it. Most penis pumps have a release valve to help you remove them. Follow the directions on the box, do it right, and remove it from the dick.
  • Step 5: Use the rubber ring. This rubber ring can be moved to the base of the penis. Mainly to help the pump last longer.
  • In conclusion, if this is your first time trying a new machines adventure, you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. But rest assured, this is a normal experience. So don’t think too much. You can watch YouTube videos. There are many videos on how to use a cock pump. In fact, it’s really easy to use.

The need for penis enlargement continues to grow. Therefore, there are various styles of penis pumps available in the market. It mainly includes the following two categories.

Manual dick pump

  • As the name suggests, this vacuum pump mainly uses air to generate pressure. Thrust is achieved by extracting air from the vacuum bottle. This will speed up the flow of blood into the penis. Then the penis will get an erection. You can see the immediate effect of the penis on the scale of the vacuum bottle. This cock pump is easy to use. And the price is very cheap. And both have a vacuum tube. A pressure pump is designed on the tube.

Electric cock pumps

  • If you are new to the operation of a manual dick pump, an electric automatic cock pump is definitely the best. This electric penis pump has a simple switch. So it’s easy to use. When the device is turned on, air is automatically drawn from the vacuum bottle. When the rooster is upright, you can turn off the device. This is very friendly for those who cannot operate the manual version. The shape is similar to a manual penis pump. It is a USB rechargeable device. By the way, some high-end electric versions come with a remote control. So this is a best penis pump.

The penis vacuum pump can effectively help men get an erection. Of course, the timing of erection varies. In fact, most people use it in foreplay. There are many benefits to using a penis pump. As follows:

  • These penis enlargements are generally safe. Also, the pump doesn’t have any side effects of any medication for ED. At the same time, it is atraumatic compared to surgical treatment of ED.
  • In the long run, the penis pump can be reused. So in the treatment of ED, it is more economical.
  • Helps you get penis erection satisfaction
  • Increase the pleasure of penetrative sex
  • Very easy to clean and use
  • Can be used with other treatments for ED. and has good therapeutic benefits.
  • Buy a penis pump online and usually, the merchant will protect your privacy. So, avoid the embarrassment of other people knowing about your sex problem.

However, the coin has two sides. Therefore, using penis pumps also has some disadvantages. As follows:

  • Unnatural erections. Because this is an erection caused by an external force.
  • After use, some exceptions may occur on the penis. such as red dots.
  • It may cause some pain if used improperly or excessively.

There is no doubt that penis pumps are a very good vacuum erectile devices. Whether it’s treating ED or stimulating the penis to increase the penetrative experience, it has many benefits. Although there are still some shortcomings, it is still acceptable. You can use this excellent penis milking machine without any qualms. This has a very positive effect on changing your sex life. Are you ready to start this new sex experience? Then browse for options. The best penis pump device out there.

Search online and you may see many options. Then choosing a penis pump can become a bit difficult. In fact, you can buy a suitable vacuum penis enlargement pump just by following the following points.

  • If you have a family doctor, you can ask your doctor if the penis pump can be used. Generally speaking, there are benefits to using a penis vacuum device. Therefore, the doctor will recommend the use.
  • Make sure it has a vacuum restrictor. in this way. It can be ensured that the air pressure in the tube does not become too strong. Otherwise, it may hurt your penis. And it’s an essential part of any cock pump. The main role of the vacuum restrictor is to ensure that the pressure in the chamber is limited. If you keep adding pressure to the vacuum created, a vacuum limiter ensures that no more pressure is added when the limit is reached. Also, it protects your penis from any damage or injury.
  • Make sure you have a pressure range gauge. It is also an essential part of any penis pump. You can clearly see the pressure inside the pump. Then, easily decide when to stop. Both the vacuum limiter and the pressure range gauge are very important. Both devices can work together. Then you can be sure that you get the desired penis enhancement.
  • Cock ring size. Before you buy or choose any vacuum erection device, make sure the penis ring is the right size for your penis. Getting the best match can be difficult. But the ring must be tight enough not to fall off. Other than that, it has to make you feel comfortable. So, it should not be too tight so as not to cause discomfort to you. The effect of a comfortable penis ring is very good.
  • Make sure it’s a vacuum erectile device. Before you buy a new penis pump sleeve, make sure the description clearly states that it is an erection device. Yes, you might gain a few inches, but not quite. So you have to be careful to make sure it’s a vacuum erectile device.

A penis pump is both a device for treating ED and a very good sex toy. However, buying such pumps is not very easy. Currently, there are mainly two ways.

  • Buy at a pharmacy. May be available in some pharmacies. But most pharmacies don’t. And buying at a drugstore can be awkward. Because that means other people know their sex problem.
  • Buy online. This is by far the most important way to buy. Currently, many online shopping sites offer such devices. However, you should also choose a professional shopping site. For example, only supplies penis pumps. You can buy all kinds of equipment here. And have obtained FDA certification. You can buy with confidence. At the same time, avoid embarrassment. Because all packages here are privacy packs. And the billing information doesn’t have any description of sex.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

  • Yes, cock pump does work. Maybe it won’t necessarily enlarge your penis size. But it will give you everything sex in a large size. Especially erect penis penetrative sex pleasure. Of course, it is best suited for men diagnosed with moderate erectile dysfunction.

How Long to Use vacuum pump for men?

  • In penis pump training, sealing is important. If you want to enjoy an erect penis, use 2-5 times a day is also fine. This can increase blood flow to the penis.

What does a cock pump do?

  • The biggest effect is that it can greatly improve your sex life. Regular training of the penis can strengthen penis erection. At the same time, the penis will have a more sensitive touch. Even better, it’s a way to treat ED.

How does the penis enlargement pump?

  • This is a very easy-to-use erection device. A vacuum device holds the penis, and blood flows to the penis. Penis can become sensitive and hard. Ultimately, keep an erection. If you keep training, the penis size will change.

Are penis vacuum pumps safe?

  • Perhaps, penis enlargement sounds more painful. In fact, not so. Because the penis pump is a non-invasive way to enlarge the penis. Therefore, it is very safe. And also easy to operate. However, make sure to store and clean it properly before and after each use.

How much does a penis pump cost?

  • As you know, there are two main types of penus pumps: manual and electric. Therefore, there are two price ranges. Manual penis pumps are cheap. The price range is $30 to $60. And electric penis pumps are expensive. The price range is $60 to $200.

Customer Questions & Answers About Shopping Penis Pump

A: Of course, they are completely safe. Our penis pump is made with safe and high-quality materials and is designed for comfortable and safe use. You can buy and use it with confidence.

A: The pump helps to strengthen and enlarge the penis, and can improve overall sexual performance.

A: The pump helps to improve blood flow to the penis, leading to stronger and harder erections. It also helps to increase penis size and girth, and can improve overall sexual performance.

A: Yes, we have the best refund and returns policy. you can return the pump within 30 days if you are not satisfied. More Please click our return page.

A: Yes, the water penis pump is 100% discreet package. And easy to use in the privacy of your own home. For more shipping details, visit our Shipping Guide page.

A: We will send a tracking number to your Email box once your order is shipped. You can track it at with the tracking number.

For more questions, please contact us via email: [email protected] or Call us: +1 (212) 518-4308

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