All Products 11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump 9
11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump

11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump


Product Information:

  • Retractable design – Suitable for various penis sizes.
  • Transparent cylinder – Record penis growth.
  • Easy to handle – Pressure can be customized.
  • High-quality silicone base – Soft & skin-friendly non-slip.
  • 100% Privacy package/discreet shipping.
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This electric retractable penis pump can generate vacuum suction to accelerate the blood circulation of the penis and glans, thus promoting bigger, stronger, and longer penis erections.

Product Data
All Products 11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump 12
  • Product Name: Electric Telescopic Penis Pump
  • Size before stretching: 7.48inches
  • After stretching size: 11.02inches
  • Material: Silicone
Why Is It Great?
All Products 11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump 13
Retractable Design

Our electric penis pump is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals. It features a unique retractable design to fit any size, providing maximum comfort and precision while in use.

All Products 11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump 14
All Products 11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump 15
Customized Experience

Equipped with a powerful motor that provides consistent suction to help you get the best results. With its easy-to-use design and adjustable pressure settings, you can tailor your experience to suit your individual needs. Try it today and start your journey to get bigger and better!

All Products 11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump 16
Perfect Size

This electric penis pump is perfect for those who want to get their desired results quickly and easily. It features a compact size and is easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for those who travel often. Its powerful motor and adjustable pressure settings provide maximum efficiency and comfort, allowing users to achieve the desired results with minimal effort. With its durable design and user-friendly features, this pump is perfect for those who seek to maximize their performance and pleasure.

All Products 11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump 17
All Products 11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump 18
Transparent Design, Record Growth

Our electric penis pumps are designed to help you maximize penis size and performance. Designed with a transparent ruler to track your penis growth, allowing you to easily track your progress. Ergonomic handles allow for easy handling, while a safety valve prevents over-inflation. With this pump, you can enjoy bigger, stronger erections with just a few minutes of daily use.

Package included:

Penis Pump*1

Removable pump head*1

USB charging cable*1

See what our customers have to say
Got this for my man, just to try it out....

My man has been curious about trying one for quite some time (even though he really didn’t need it)… so we thought we’d try an electric one. It seems to have really strong auction and he particularly likes the added “pocket pussy” like seal… definitely gives it an increased pleasure while in use… overall I think it’s a good product.

Whitney Instigator, February 2, 2023
Great penis pump

I personaly this this product is amazing. Its easy to use easy to clean. and very easy to operate.
I will definatly recommong this product to anyone. Just try it I promise you are going to love it. very reasonably priced and comes in a very private package. Overall I am very satisfied with it. Great product.

Mohammed A Qadri, January 25, 2023
8 reviews
Customer Image Gallery

8 reviews for 11.02″ Portable Telescopic Electric Vacuum Penis Pump

    Mixed thoughts on this.
    Beware. Start out on the first setting for sure. I slid this on and went right for the throat and it dam near sucked my whole body in
  2. EA
    So much fun
    I'm new to the pump fun but let me say, this thing is definitely a lot of fun for newbies. There's not much to it but the actual pumping is almost like challenge, to see how much you can do. I love the ease of the buttons which are very straight forward. The USB charging is another great addition. My only negative is the suction power. Obviously after its gotten some use, I definitely striving for go for more but this is a great beginners toy. Also the sleeve that comes with this is GREAT.
  3. True-Reviews
    A 60 year olds review....
    My friend below is not the morning friendly "ready" participant it used to be. As a divorced male who is not sexually active, I find this "muscle" shrinking and drawing inward. This can cause panic. I purchased this pump to give "him" some exercise. Here is my verdict: Unlike manual pumps that could not grow my limp member, this vacuum pump used correctly WILL make it grow and enlarge! However, even on the weakest vacuum setting it will turn your friend below INSIDE OUT if you don't have your hand on the release valve. Another words, you must be alert and active with the release valve or ruin your stick. I'm just a 60 year old black man going through some ageing issues. I don't want to permanently ruin myself in the process. Let's go further: The big jelly sleeve is what I used. The smaller rubber sleeves were useless. My friend below is simply to thick once vacuumed "up" for this sleeve. I feel it's being strangled with a harsh hand. I'm not bragging. If your member can vacuum larger than your thumb, you may find the sleeves to restricting. Now for the elephant in the room: Does it feel good? With the jelly sleeve inserted and hitting the release valve constantly to keep my thing from turning inside out... did nothing for me. Without the sleeve the vacuum will just draw in your stick and "onions" for a painful experience. Think about it. If these type of units were so pleasurable, a billion of them would be sold with a waiting list. In all fairness to the manufacturer, the device performs as advertised with the quality that you would expect from this brand name. It's just not for me. I guess I should properly get married again so that my "buddy" does not shrivel up and die
  4. Rue
    Pleasure and Results
    First of all the product was delivered earlier than expected and came in a nice box with covers. I like how easy it was to install right away with a full charge. The lube was essential and gave extra pleasure while sustaining an erection. I definitely recommend this product for anyone seeking longer erections or to just get pleasure on your own.
  5. jk04
    Great suction, 1 ring only
    This is the first pump I bought. It feels really good to use. The pump literally fills up your membership. But the product only comes with one ring, I prefer to use the fleshlight sleeve with it. Because the ring is easy to slip off during use. The fleshlight socket completely solves this problem while making it a joy to use. I would have rated it 5/5 but had to drop a star due to the ring issue and only received one ring.
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